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I am a passionate self-made contractor with over 15 years of experience in renovation, construction, and design. Since I was young in my country, I worked for my uncle in the field of construction. Several years later, I acquired a degree in interior design from one of the best universities in Iraq. Throughout my career, I have done countless successful projects in Iraq, Jordan, and Canada. I would be delighted to work on any project with you, using my skills and abilities to fulfill your imagination.

At Style Renovation Ltd. the goal has always been to expand the capabilities of aesthetic design and structurally sound projects. Our team has been continuously growing throughout the years with great success in various renovation projects. Our core value stems from meeting the needs of our clients by not only considering their vision but also providing cost effective options for them. We hold our high standards by constructing buildings that are up to industry standard but one that is timeless for the years to come. Our team of contractors are more than just employees, we have developed a sense of comradery and would like our client to feel a sense of care. Call us today for a free consultation and let our team pathe the way towards your dream home.

Commercial Construction


Whether you’re looking to renovate for your retail store, office or any business, Style Renovation Ltd. assures your needs are in the right hand. We provide quality renovations at a budget without cutting corners. Due to our knowledge in design, we are able to visualize and deliver what you expect. Having a great commercial space is what will not help customer’s comfort but also the employees that you have invested in. A space for everyone.

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Residential Construction


Having to figure out the financial investment in renovating a house is a tough feat. However, our team can provide you detailed suggestions to help you build your dream home or investment property the way you want it. We believe a great renovation should definitely be a clear depiction of your lifestyle. Whether you like to keep your existing space or creating new ones through adding or removing walls, we are here to give you our expertise.

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New Construction

New Builds

What if we told you that we can deliver thorough planning for your to be built home? With our years of experience in the field, our professionals are able to walk you through not only the process of the phases we’ll be in when building your home but what will be the best option for your budget. Building a new home is a big financial investment for anyone. Therefore, by making this process as simple and detailed as possible is what makes us tick.

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